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 Integrated Flood Management


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 Compilation of advisory material

 Support to the regional pilot projects

 Creation of a network in flood management

 Project management

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 IFM Concept   

 Traditional Flood management measures

 Integrated Flood Management: A new approach

 What is needed to implement IFM?
 Flood Management Policy Series   

 Legal and Institutional Aspects of IFM

 Social Aspects and Stakeholder involvement in IFM 

 Environmental Aspects of IFM

 Economic Aspects of IFM


 Case studies    



 South America

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 Regional pilot project    


 South Asia

 South America 

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 Central and Eastern Europe  
 Capacity building    

 Presentation Material

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 Integrated Flood Management Concept Paper

 IWRM and Floods Brochure

 Flood Management Policy Series

 Case Studies

 Pilot Projects
  FM Databases  

 Institutions and Agencies involved in Flood Management

 Flood Management Policy and Legislation

 Literature on Flood Management


  Flood Management Tools Series  

 Applying  Environmental Assessment for Flood Management

 Conducting Flood Loss Assessments

 Formulating a Basin Flood Management Plan

 Organizing Community Participation for Flood Management

 Reservoir Operations and Managed Flows

 The Role of Land-Use Planning in Flood Management

 Urban Flood Risk Management

 Relating to the APFM

 Relating to the Flood Management
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