Support Base Partners

To provide the full range of expertise, the IFM HelpDesk is actively supported by a network of professional institutions that form the Support Base and provide technical back up.

The main areas of activity where Support Base Partners will give inputs, include:
( 1 ) Advice and high-level advocacy for flood management policy and strategy formulation; 
( 2 ) Technical advice triggered by requests received by the HelpDesk; 
( 3 ) Facilitation of workshops and training in support of Integrated Flood Management;
( 4 ) Development and provision of flood management tools and e-learning options for capacity building; and 
( 5 ) Formulation of high-level objectives/scoping for flood management proposals with countries and river basins requesting HelpDesk Services. 

  The IFM HelpDesk is supported by

Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre 





Australian Bureau of Meteorology



Cap-Net / UNDP


Centro de Estudios y Experimentaci├│n de Obras P├║blicas


Czech Hydrometeorological Institute





DHI Group






Hamburg University of Technology

International Association of
Hydraulic Engineering and Research


Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism



  Japan Institute of Construction Engineering



                 Japan Water Agency


Korea Water Forum


Nile Basin Capacity Building
Network for River Engineering


Regional Centre on
Urban Water management


The International Centre for
Water Hazard and Risk Management

Stockholm International
Water Institute

Swiss Federal Office
for the Environment




University of Dundee


University of Idaho 



US Army Corps of Engineers


UNECE Water Convention





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