HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management - Partners Workshop

Geneve, Switzerland 13-14 November 2008


Introduction / Workshop programme with presentation materials 


The Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) has developed and advocated the Integrated Flood Management (IFM) approach since 2001 with the aim of minimizing losses of live from flooding and maximizing the net-benefits from floodplains in the wider context of Integrated Water Resources Management. The governing bodies of the APFM, have now taken the decision to create a HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management

This HelpDesk is a facility that will provide guidance on flood management policy, strategy, and institutional development related to flood issues to countries that want to adopt an integrated approach to flood management (IFM) issues. The IFM approach, developed at the turn of the Millennium, aims at balancing development needs and flood risks in river basins within the overall context of Integrated Water Resources Management.

The HelpDesk is hosted by the World Meteorological Organization and is based on its philosophy of working together in Weather, Climate and Water issues. Accordingly the IFM HelpDesk functions through a decentralized network of technical partner institutions that form the "HelpDesk Support Base". The group met in Geneva, Switzerland from 13-14 November 2008 with the following objectives:

Provide a forum for interested parties to understand the HelpDesk mechanism and institutional arrangement foreseen for its operation in order to be able to refine those arrangements and to define their role within the IFM HelpDesk 
Provide opportunity to partners to get formally involved as a HelpDesk support base member, i.e. conclude institutional arrangements between the HelpDesk Support base partners and WMO 
Create momentum and an action plan for the launch of the HelpDesk in 2009. 

Participants (PDF)

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Workshop programme with presentation materials

Thursday, 13/11/2008


Welcome, self introduction and adoptation of agenda



Introduction: the flood management challenge, current status of mobilizing the international community for integated flood management



HelpDesk Concept and Required Service Spectrum



The HelpDesk Support Base: requirements and available competence
-Short statements of each partner in which fields core competence could be provided under the HelpDesk


The institutional requirements and options for collaboration under the HelpDesk, including discussion on possible Framework Document and Letter of Engagement

HelpDesk Governance


 Friday, 14/11/2008


Recapitulation of Day 1 and Agenda items for Day 2

Communication / information requirements in operating the HelpDesk



Expression of preliminary commitments


HelpDesk outreach package and website

Planning the launch   
Any other business   
Summary of the Chair and closure  


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