Reference Centre Databases

The Reference Centre Databases is a set of interactive databases. Through the Reference Centre, the IFM HelpDesk provides access to a wide range of information for flood prone countries and communities as well as research institutions and development partners in their efforts to address flood management issues. The Reference Centre is based on contributions from various institutions and individuals active in flood management.

  Institutions and Agencies involved in Flood Management 

Serves as a tool to facilitate communication and cooeration between various agencies and institutions across the world that are involved in flood management. 


  Literature on Flood Management 

Provides flood-related policies, laws and regulations as a reference for policy makers, legal experts, researchers and executive functionaries in land and water management to support their efforts in introducing laws and regulations as a vehicle for change towards IFM. 


Flood Management Policy and Legislation 

Provides literature relating to the various aspects of flood management and as such to serve as reference centre for a wide range of policy makers, planners researchers, executive functionaries in land and water management, NGO's, the media and the affected public.


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