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What is the IFM HelpDesk?

The HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management (IFM HelpDesk) is a facility that provides guidance on flood management policy, strategy, and institutional development related to flood issues for countries that want to adopt the Integrated Flood Management concept in close partnership and tailored to the needs of the particular partner, with the aim of helping the partners further in IFM implementation.

The application of the IFM concept in development practice of flood-affected countries and river-basins is a challenge for policy makers, development planners and flood mangers alike. The challenge lies in striking and sustaining an optimal balance between the development needs of those countries (especially influenced by population growth, food and energy security issues) and the risks associated with the use of flood-prone land, within given institutional structures. The IFM HelpDesk defines its role as an impartial and competent partner in this specific area with operational capacities to respond to country's needs in implementing an integrated approach to flood management.

For more information, please download IFM HelpDesk Framework Document.


Who can turn to the IFM HelpDesk?
  Government agencies on various levels dealing with flood management issues 
  River basin organizations 
  Bi- and multilateral development agencies engaged in water resources management and disaster management 
  Community-based and volunteer organizations engaged in flood preparedness 
  Universities and other capacity building institutions for the water and disaster management sectors 


For more information 
IFM HelpDesk Framework Document  
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