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Virtual Discussion Groups

The Virtual Discussion Groups provide the possibility of involving through the Internet various stakeholder groups into flood management policy debates, allows the sharing of experiences, sharing good practices for example related to flood management tools or related to current or past flood events.


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This forum has been setup to raise and discuss major flood management policy issues.
5 10 2 weeks 3 days ago
by GS Radjou
This forum has been setup to raise and discuss particular flood management measures, including structural (levees, dams, diversion channels,flood proofing....) and non-structural measures (land use planning, forecasting and warning, ....). You may like to present particular solutions with their relative advantages and disadvantages or you may like to present challenges in applying a certain type of measure. The Forum may also be used to present particular flood management tools, such as flood mapping, various types of environmental assessments, economic assessments and stakeholder analysis methods relevant to flood management.
1 3 2 weeks 6 days ago
by GS Radjou
This forum can be used to discuss specific flood events. You may like to raise what happened before, during and after a particular flood event you encountered. What were major successes or challenges encountered by water managers, forecasters, emergency responders,insurers or the affected public?
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This forum can be used to advertise and discuss various conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. with a focus on flood management.
1 1 3 weeks 1 day ago
by apfm_admin
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