Project management

Project phase

  • Inception phase (8 months: August 2001 - March 2002)

  • Implementation phase I  (4 years: March   2002 - July    2006)

  • Implementation phase II (4 years: August 2006 - March 2010)


Management Bodies

Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee serves as a think tank to the programme and guides its activities. It is composed of representatives of the GWP and representatives of the National Hydrological Services affiliated to WMO, donors and other experts.

The terms of reference of the Advisory Committee are:

  • Analyze and formulate the concept of Integrated Flood Management and update it in view of the experiences gained.
  • Suggest the approach to implement the concepts in the field
  • Ensure multidisciplinary inputs into the implementation of the IFM concept
  • Suggest and support the Advocacy and Dissemination process
  • Act as the external reviewer of the outcome of the Case Studies and the Pilot Projects

Management Committee
The Management Committee reviews the progress of work and monitor implementation of the programme. It consists of the GWP and donors.

The Management Committee has the following terms of reference:

  • Guide the Technical Support Unit (TSU) in preparation of the Action Plan
  • Overview the progress of the program
  • Monitor the progress of implementation of the Pilot Projects
  • Decision on the Budget and the Action plan

The two Committees will at least meet once a year and will meet in conjunction as far as possible.

Contact list of the Committees

Technical Support Unit

The Secretariat of the APFM, referred to as the Technical Support Unit (TSU), is housed within Hydrology and Water Resources Department of the (WMO) at their Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The TSU undertakes overall responsibility for the management and coordination of the programme and its associated activities. Personnel working as part of the TSU include WMO staff and APFM consultants.

Contact information for the TSU

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