Creation of a network in Flood Management 


Flood Management Data bases

The APFM reference centre is a set of planned interactive databases accessible through the APFM web site.
Through the reference centre, APFM endeavours to provide guidance and assistance, based on the principles of IFM, to flood prone countries and communities as well as the institutional research and donor communities in their effort to address flood problems as follows:

  • Institutions and Agencies involved in Flood Management
    Endeavours to serve as a tool to facilitate communication and cooperation between various agencies and institutions across the world that are involved in flood management.
  • Flood Management Policy and Legislation
    Endeavours to provide flood related policies, laws and regulations as a reference for policy makers, legal experts, researchers and executive functionaries in land and water management to support their efforts in introducing laws and regulations as a vehicle for change towards IFM.

  • Literature on Flood Management
    Endeavours to provide literature relating to the various aspects of flood management and as such to serve as reference centre for a wide range of policy makers, planners researchers, executive functionaries in land and water management, NGOÃÔ, the media and the affected public.

 Cooperation with other Associated Programmes (APs) of GWP


In view of the value of flood waters as a source of water supply and recognizing the impact of major floods on agricultural and urban areas, this AP has strong links with most others. One major objective of this project is therefore be to ensure close coordination with the relevant activities under the other APs, for example by studying land management issues, considering the cultivation of flood resistant crops and irrigation systems and developing the training and information modules for local governments.


   List of the current APs

INBO - Developing and Strengthening River Basin Organisations
Cap-Net - International Network for Capacity Building in IWRM
GWA - Mainstreaming Gender in Integrated Water Resources Management
GW-MATE - The Ground Water Management Advisory Team


 Contact with data holders


The APFM does not create or manage databases on past floods. However, land use planners, policy makers, etc., need such information. Therefore, one of the activities of the APFM is the establishment of contact with institutions that maintain comprehensive data sets on past flood events.


Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED)
With a special focus on public health, epidemiology, structural and socio-economic aspects, CRED promotes research, training, and information dissemination on disasters. It aims to enhance the effectiveness of developing countries' disaster management capabilities as well as fostering policy-oriented research.


Dartmouth Flood Observatory (DFO)
The Observatory provides current information (updated daily) on flooding. It uses satellite technology to help detect such events as they occur. It also archives the obtained cartographic information about flooded lands into the first Global Atlas of Flood Hazard. This on-line and rapidly growing atlas records for posterity 15 years of flood history, world-wide.


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