Compilation of advisory material

 Concept paper on Integrated Flood Management (IFM)

APFM has developed the Concept Paper on Integrated Flood Management (IFM) that primarily targets flood managers and describes the basic tenets and requirements of IFM. The paper is available on the web page in French, Spanish as well as English.
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 Download (PDF):
        Summary (English)
        Full text in English, French, Spanish and Japanese
 Case Studies

The case studies on flood management practices have been collected from various regions. These case studies are now being reviewed to extract good practices and lessons learned in flood management to support IFM. The result will be compiled as advisory material and disseminated in the near future.
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 Supplementary papers

To facilitate the implementation of IFM principles into the development planning practice of river basins, it is now planned to compile a set of supplementary papers focusing on specific aspects of IFM, such as social, environmental and legal issues.
   Legal and Institutional Aspects of IFM
   Social Aspects and Stakeholder Involvement in IFM
   Environmental Aspects of IFM
   Economic Aspects of IFM
 IFM Training Module ( planned )


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