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HelpDesk Support Base Partners meeting

Geneva, Switzerland  4 - 5 October 2010

The HelpDesk Support Base Partners meeting took place in WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland from 4 to 5 October 2010 







After the official launch of the IFM HelpDesk in June 2009 further efforts would need to be undertaken to make the availability of the IFM HelpDesk known to the foreseen beneficiaries. Close collaboration with all support base partners in the fine tuning of the functionality of the IFM HelpDesk would keep being pursued. The process of interacting with the support base partners and quality control of outputs will need further tuning, and this meeting should offer a good occasion to move in this direction. Further efforts will be undertaken to strengthen the direct linkages to the financial partners for follow up of projects and strategies developed under the IFM HelpDesk.

Workshop programme with presentation materials

Monday, 4 October 2010

Official Opening of the Workshop




Ojectives of the meeting:

  1. To familiarize SPBs of the activities of APFM and in particular review and analyze the functionalities of its HelpDesk.
  2. To enhance the role and functions of SBPs and initiate an active outreach process to get improved access to potential HelpDesk clients and services in demand

Expected results of the meeting:

  1. Identification of ways to improve functionalities of the HelpDesk
  2. Enhanced engagement of SBPs in APFM activities
  3. Consensus on improving outreach to potential clients and networking
  4. Consensus on milestones and an action plan of the HelpDesk

Overview of APFM activities

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) of APFM provides an overview of past activities and main conclusions of its Advisory and Management Committee for guidance of the discussions and the way forward. This also includes information about the new structure of the AC/MC and the positioning of SBPs



Overview and analysis of HelpDesk functions

TSU provides an overview of HelpDesk functions including its "Get Help" activities where SBPs are engaged in guiding users. During a general discussion, these functionalities and activities are analyzed with a view for improvement and close engagement of SBPs



Presentations from Support Base Partners (see PDF versions below)


17:30 Cocktail reception 

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Discussion I: Promotion and communications aspects - Enhancing visibility of HelpDesk and SBPs capabilities; presentation and discussion of a draft Communication Strategy



Discussion II: Demand management: Soliciting "Get Help" demands through SBPs activities



Discussion III: Networking and product generation through SBPs and APFM activities



Conceptual issues of APFM and the HelpDesk: Views from SBPs



Outlook and milestones


12:45 Conclusions
Presentations from Support Base Partners (SBPs)

Asian Disaster Prepardness Center (ADPC)  (PDF
Bureau of Meteorology, Australia (BOM)  (PDF)
Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI)  (PDF
- International Association of Hydrological Science (IAHS)  (PDF)
Japanese Support Base Partners (MLIT, ICHARM, JICE & JWA)  (PDF) 
International Centre for Water Hazard (ICHARM)   (PDF) 
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Water Convention   (PDF) 


Nile Basin Capacity Building Network (NBCBN)  (PDF)

APFM/HelpDesk documents
- APFM presentation  (PDF) 
- Communication Strategy  (PDF) 

Report of APFM activities since the launch of the HelpDesk

- List of participants


- Summary meeting report


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