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  1. Avinash C Tyagi
    Avinash C Tyagi says:

    I am happy to see the new avatar of the APFM website. Now it has a professional look. I also find that revised versions of various tools are being published. It would be useful if we could indicate the date of revision in each case.

    Keep it up.


    • AdminAPFM
      AdminAPFM says:

      Thank you very much, Mr Tyagi. We are glad to see that you keep following us, and, of course, your feedback is much appreciated.
      Yes, we revised some of the Tools to keep them up-to-date and will continue in the future. The dates of first publication and revision of each Tool are indicated in the actual document – in the PDF after the cover page.
      Kind regards.
      Moritz, APFM Technical Support Unit


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