Flood Mapping

Flood Management Tool Series, Technical Document No. 20 ¦ 2013

Tool No.20 Front Cover

Flood Maps are tools to visualize flood information for decision makers and the general public. These maps form the basis for developing flood risk scenarios based on land use, various environmental and climate conditions and including social and economic conditions. Flood maps in their various formats and scales are the basis for the planning and implementation of development alternatives. In addition to the general objective of a flood map, special uses require specific information including maps that depict exposure to floods of various recurrence periods, flood risks, vulnerability and response information such as evacuation routes, safe high grounds, shelter areas etc that are of utmost importance in flood plains but also in coastal areas at risk of storm surges and tsunamis. Different methodologies are presented in the production of flood maps for various purposes to support decision‐making at all levels.

Developing flood maps requires a systematic process. It is important to specify the data
sets on which the maps will be based and the methodology that will be used. In addition,
administrative mechanisms are necessary to develop flood mapping programmes. Based on
the above outlined demand for flood information, the objective of this Tool is to provide guidance to undertake flood mapping exercises for the various planning processes on local or national level which cover issues like changing land uses and climate change, land use regulations and building codes, impacts of urbanization, emergency response, asset management, flood insurance, or overall public awareness.

Download the Tool here.

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