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What is the HelpDesk? Learn more about its functions, features and target groups.

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Engage in state-of-the art Flood Management Strategy Formulation, Policy Making and Legal Reform with full process coaching through the HelpDesk.
Utilize the HelpDesk in organizing advocacy workshops, awareness building campaigns and training at various levels to further integrated flood management.
Be guided to the right combination of information from various sources available under the HelpDesk.

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Explore the Policy and Tool Series on the general concept of Integrated Flood Management and guidance material tailored to methodsand concepts for implementation.
Learn more about training material for kids and get connected to e-learning platforms addressing the various aspects of Integrated Flood Management.
Use the Reference Centre to know more about different institutions involved in flood management as well as policies and literature on issues related to floods.
Browse through the Questions and Answers to find answers to frequently asked questions related to IFM and the HelpDesk.

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